Gift a Quran To Teach The Qurans

Gift A Quran to Teach the Quran

Gift or purchase a Quran to support the teaching of the Quran at our FREE Quran College. 

Our Quran College

Only a year ago, a few people embarked on an uncertain journey with the vision to sow the blessings of the Quran in the hearts of Muslims in their neighbourhood – teaching the Quran for FREE. Now, almost a year later, with the will and blessing of the almighty, the Quran College has expanded beyond this neighbourhood, with students coming from outskirts of Bankstown.

Alhamdoulilah, with all the recent challenges we are facing, we are still committed to our mission, this time through online learning. However we can’t do this alone, we need the support of the greater community to keep this project alive for hundreds of the men, women and children that come to us to learn the Quran for free.

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