Student Zoom Consent Form

Zoom is a video communications platform that allows multiple people to video conference at the same time. 

In the event of a school closure school staff will invite your child to participate in weekly zoom sessions. A parent/guardian will be notified by whats app or sms at least one day in advance of the scheduled lesson. 


One session a week. 

First session: 40 minutes
Break: 15 minutes
Second session: 40 minutes

Teachers will facilitate the sessions. 

One of the main objectives of the Zoom session is to facilitate a high level of interaction and dialogue between the children

What we need from you?

To facilitate your child’s participation Parents/Guardians will need to download the Zoom app to a device and/or set up an online account to access. This can be done by visiting this site:

Child safeguarding and protection protocols during zoom calls

The following set of guidelines are essential to Zoom calls:

A parent/guardian/designated adult must be present for the duration of the call (in the room but not on the screen – it may be necessary from time to time for a parent to assist a younger pupil in managing controls). 

Zoom calls will not be recorded by anyone.  

The call should take place in the kitchen, living space or office (not in the child’s bedroom).

Our School Standards of Behaviour apply (we respect ourselves and other people; we are kind, helpful and polite; we act in a safe way; we care about how others feel; we work together to solve our difficulties).

Children should be clearly visible on the screen (no virtual wallpapers or filters – one plain coloured wallpaper is permissible, no hats, scarves or masks except for cultural clothing).

No communicating with others in the class on other apps while the class is taking place.

Children will not use the Zoom Chat facility at any time during the lesson. Children are also requested to mute mics. 

Please ensure that your child is on time for a scheduled video or they may be refused entry. Please request to join the Zoom call approximately five minutes before the scheduled start time. 

It is important to note that any breach of the above guidelines may result in a discontinuation of this method of communication. A breach may also result in a person being immediately removed from a meeting or in a meeting being immediately terminated. 

Below you will find information provided by Zoom on their GDPR Compliance. It provides answers to common questions about what Zoom can and can’t do with your child’s personal information. Please read it carefully, let us know of any questions by contacting the school office and then fill in our online form to indicate that you’ve read the notice and give your consent. If you don’t give your consent, as is your right, the class teacher will not contact you by email to invite your child to a Zoom class.


QC Student Zoom Consent Form

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